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Each day students can enjoy the balanced and healthy variety of the hot lunch programme, which provides freshly prepared, nut-free dishes, along with vegetables and fresh fruit.



The IST Uniform is mandatory for students from Pre-Kinder to MYP 3. The uniform collection is made up of mandatory and optional items, all of which can be ordered from IST’s official supplier, Unique Uniforms, directly from their Online Store.



A shuttle bus service is available on request.

ROUTE 1: Piazzale Besso - Lugano Centro - Viganello - Ruvigliana - Cassarate

ROUTE 2:  Lugano FFS - Massagno - Savosa - Porza - Cureglia - Origlio - Vezia


International and Swiss equivalence.

Though we recommend that a child completes the full IB programme, a child and family is able to enter and exit the programme at any point. Below is the equivalence for international families, and for Ticino families.

From Grade 2, IST introduces a bilingual structure for students who are required to comply with the Ticino Canton requirements (students with 6 years of residency in Ticino). This fosters the students’ ethical, creative, social and intellectual qualities, in harmony with the guidelines of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the principles established in the "Piano di studio della scuola dell’obbligo ticinese" approved by the Ticino Canton and based on the Accordo Intercantonale HarmoS. This means that a student can exit our school into the swiss system at any point. They will need to sit an exam in their destination school, but the school will support the family with this, and will ensure a smooth transition for your child.

If a child completes the Diploma programme in Switzerland the equivalence has been granted to the Swiss Diploma for given subjects. This enables a child with an IB diploma to access Swiss and International universities.