An Internationally minded community united to face the challenge 

Students, parents and teachers safe at home but united for a better world through high quality education

Students follow a full virtual programme of learning from 3 to 14 years old, with differing schedules to meet their needs. From Live Lessons, Practical Science experiments using materials at home, to preparation for Virtual Reading Together Week and our Virtual Musical Talent show, each member of our community still feels part of something bigger than their house, or computer screen.

This philosophy has been reflected in our staff and parent community with different kind of activities: Virtual Staff and Section meetings, Virtual Parent Teacher meetings, PTA and Class rep meetings, Facebook page from our PTA with ideas of how to support families during lockdown.

IST is prepared to ensure that our whole community is safe and connected whilst being ready to face the challenge we are all faced with across the world. We are united as an internationally minded community to ensure the continuity of high-quality learning to ensure progress and wellbeing is maintained in these difficult times



At IS Ticino, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings