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Our Early Years Programme offers a rich, challenging and stimulating curriculum designed to generate an enthusiasm for learning and value it as a life-long process.

Our schools endeavour to ensure the development of a strong foundation of skills, knowledge and understanding while meeting the needs of the individual child.

The Early Years Programme is founded on the belief that all children are naturally curious and disposed to learning. They are creative, imaginative, energetic and resourceful. The focus of the curriculum aims to capitalise on these natural dispositions by providing meaningful, authentic activities in which children can become absorbed, committed and successful.

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As an integral part of the IB Primary Years Programme our Early Years curriculum takes a trans-disciplinary inquiry approach to learning and is inspired by the philosophy and practice of the world renowned Italian Reggio Approach.


  • elaborating their understanding through all expressive, creative, verbal and mathematical languages
  • creating natural connections between mathematics, science, digital technology and the expressive arts
  • making a full immersion in an English language context

The flexibility in thinking involved encourages not only the development of proficient language skills but also the creative and lateral thinking skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

Children are exposed to the English language in its written form throughout the Early Years sretting within imaginative and symbolic play contexts and teacher led activities. As the child progresses through the Early Years setting this is supported and developed directly by the teacher to ensure the gradual acquisition of literacy skills needed as they move onto primary school.

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Early years Programme in English (3-5 years old)

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Strong focus on verbal, expressive, creative and mathematical languages