Welcome from the Principal

Shaping our future together

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the International School of Ticino, a unique school setting with a wonderful teaching and learning environment that will be further developed in the weeks, months and years to come. What is special about the young history of the International School of Ticino is that we are about to start a new chapter with teachers and administrative staff who are passionate about their job as role models, facilitators, mentors, teachers, and coaches and who are ready to work according to the school’s motto SHAPING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER

We work as a team where each person cares about her/his students and where everybody is willing to create a constructive and stimulating learning environment that allows students and their parents feel appreciated, stimulated and motivated to go the extra mile. Ann Lieberman’s quote: ‘Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon’ reflects the work spirit all staff members and I myself are driven by.

The size of the International School of Ticino allows us to build caring relationships where each person feels respected and appreciated. What is unique about the International School of Ticino?

  • The international education with English as the medium of instruction for students aged from 3 up to 11 years of age;
  • the prestigious Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate recognized around the world for its excellence;
  • a student-centred learning and teaching approach where each individual can set her/his own personal targets throughout the school year;
  • a team of experienced professionals who work enthusiastically to provide the very best education for all of our students;
  • direct parent contact – we like parents to become active members of an educational partnership between teacher professionals and students;
  • a supportive and stimulating learning environment with a special emphasis on the individual diversity of each student by student-led community, service and action projects;
  • a place for innovation and creativity where all stakeholders are willing to go beyond boundaries;
  • an environment where each single individual counts as much as the collective and together we pursue shared objectives and a bold vision;
  • a place with a school culture based on trust, appreciation and dialogue;
  • a setting where the IB philosophy meets the whole person;
  • a convenient location in the Lugano area.

Be aware that we will be there for you at any time and that there is an open-door policy. So, if you would like to discuss something with me, if you would like to share your expertise with us, if you would like to contribute somehow or make some suggestions... or if you have any concerns please come and see me. I’d be happy to meet with you and make yourself feel part of our special community.

Let’s, indeed, shape our future together!

In this booklet, you will find information regarding various school policies, student life, and services.

Thank you for selecting the International School of Ticino for your child’s education. On behalf of the administration and school faculty, we look forward to a successful collaborative year.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Martina Geromin

International School of Ticino

Welcome from the Principal

«Shaping our future together». The school goal is the inspiration that drives teaching and learning and motivates all members of our school community to strive for success in everything they do. Our aim is to provide expatriate and local families with an international education that is broad, balanced and challenging. We inspire our children to reach their full potential by fostering curiosity and an interest in learning, awakening their minds and illuminating their world.

International School of Como 


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