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Lunch is cooked and served on the premises. The International School of Ticino's canteen service received an official certification from the Swiss authority Fourchette Verte, whose aim is to promote healthy food and life choices in order to prevent food-related diseases. For more information please visit 

Lunchtime is also an opportunity for education and learning. Teachers, in partnership with the families, promote the development of healthy eating habits by encouraging a healthy and balanced diet. 

Children have their lunch at round tables, designed to promote both socialization and independence. Teachers eat at the table with them, in order to encourage both linguistic and social interaction

Canteen Procedure 

All students must have lunch in the regular dining room.We are not allowed to permit packed lunches or other food of any kind to beconsumed or distributed in school. If you require a special dietary regime for reasons of health, allergies, religious belief or ethical choice,please fill in the form available in school offices to make sure our cafeteria staff are aware of your needs. Meals are served in the school Cafeteria.There is a specific monthly menu published in advance and posted on the communications board.

We cannot allow food in school if it has not been prepared by our cafeteria staff. 

Canteen Managers 

In order for our students to understand the importance of collaborating in all areas of life we have decided to run a programme called ‘Canteen Managers’. Each week we select one student of each class who will help to serve the others as well as to clear and tidy the canteen to the best after their lunch time.

Our students live up to the high expectations.

Winter menu December 2017 - January 2018 

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«Shaping our future together». The school goal is the inspiration that drives teaching and learning and motivates all members of our school community to strive for success in everything they do. Our aim is to provide expatriate and local families with an international education that is broad, balanced and challenging. We inspire our children to reach their full potential by fostering curiosity and an interest in learning, awakening their minds and illuminating their world.

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